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Sample Packs

All TruVision Health Sample Packs and Trial Kits on this page come with COMPLIMENTARY FREE SHIPPING!  Now you can test the effectiveness and benefits of our products for a miminal amount and get free shipping on us!  To find out more about each of these products, just click on the image or the name of the product to go to the product page to read reviews, ingredient lists (if applicable) and other important information to help you choose the right product for YOU!

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7 Day Sample Pack

15 Capsules of truFIX™
15 Capsules of truCONTROL™
FREE Shipping


truCONTROL Capsule and Drink Sample Pack

Includes 7 day truControl and truFix capsule Sample Pack, AND a truControl and truFix Drinks combo pack.
Free Shipping.


Shaker Bottle Trial

One Week Trial of truFIX
One Week Trial of truCONTROL
One Trial Size Heart and Hydration
One Trial Size Brownie rePLACE
Free TruVision Branded Shaker Bottle


ZZZ-Tox Sample

1 - Trial Pack reNU (15ct.)

1 - Trial Pack truSLUMBER (15ct.)

FREE Shipping


Drink Sticks trial kit

Comes with

  • 6 tru fix drinks sticks and
  • 6 tru control drink sticks

FREE shipping.